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Our Grout Sealing Crew Revamped This Beautiful Kitchen Floor in Kiawah Island

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December 10, 2023

For a family in Kiawah Island, their large kitchen was by far the best part of their home. With colorful cupboards and a door leading to the home's backyard, the kitchen's cheerful atmosphere made it the perfect place to spend quality time. Foot traffic and accidental spills were common occurrences, but all household members did their part to keep a tidy kitchen. When their efforts were not enough to restore the soiled floor tiles, they decided to trust the experts at Sir Grout Charleston.

Kitchen Floor Before and After a Grout Sealing in Kiawah Island
They contacted us after reading online about our grout sealing in Kiawah Island. It was clear that our specialists had years of hands-on experience to back their claims, and the homeowners wanted their opinion before trying any homemade solutions on the kitchen floor. One of the homeowners called Sir Grout Charleston to request an in-home evaluation, and on the scheduled date, the couple welcomed our techs into their house.

Nothing can escape our notice when assessing high-traffic surfaces and this case was no exception. Our specialists inspected the kitchen floor meticulously, looking into the dark stains on the tiles and the grout. Brown spots clashed with the grout's white surface and it all put a damper on the kitchen's homey décor. At the end of the evaluation, our techs went over their findings with the clients. Soil and grime had seeped into the porous surface and traditional cleaners had only created a foamy film around the stains. That's why the homeowners had made no progress after weeks of work on the floor. Our techs explained that the most effective solution would be to use a special cleaner on the floors and to seal the grout at the end of the process. Grout sealant is the most straightforward way to keep new stains from appearing on high-traffic surfaces where there's a constant circulation of dirt. The clients were satisfied with our assessment and scheduled a new appointment for the restoration.

On the agreed-upon day, our crew went to the clients' house for the second time. They started by soaking the kitchen floor with a powerful cleaning formula, making sure to spread the product around the entire surface. Then, they used a high-speed scrubber to remove every stain. Most of the stains disappeared after they scrubbed the tiles a couple of times, which is to be expected, as our cleaner is second to none when it comes to eliminating embedded dirt.

Our specialists confirmed that all the dirt had been dealt with before they began working on the grout. For this part of the process, they applied our signature ColorSeal to all the grout lines until the surface regained its original white color. Sir Grout's flagship sealant protects grout with a durable barrier that repels grime, mold, mildew, and food residue. It even preserves surfaces that are exposed to UV rays and the gradual damage caused by wear and tear. This way, our techs restored the floor's original appearance, with the white grout shining through the reddish-brown tiles.

This vibrant combination perfectly suited the kitchen's layout, and the effect was even more striking once our crew finished buffing the floor. The homeowners were obviously dazzled by the result, and they loved how the floor now actively made the kitchen look brighter and lively. They all thanked our specialists and promised to spare no praise when recommending Sir Grout Charleston in the future.

Before leaving the clients' home, our experts gave them some additional pointers. Hard surfaces can lose their charms when chemical cleaners are used on a regular basis, and high-traffic surfaces like kitchen floors and counters are even more exposed to damage. To deal with this issue, our techs instructed the client to use pH-neutral products over generic cleaners with a high concentration of toxic ingredients. Products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner don't fall short when it comes to their cleaning power. In fact, our product's formula ensures a quick effect that simplifies the removal of embedded dirt. Because of this, homeowners no longer have to mix different cleaners just to get any shine out of their ceramic surfaces. Our cleaner preserves the tiles' natural color while removing old stains and any leftover stickiness. We also recommend sticking to using mops or clean towels if you have to scrub off any marks. Sharper tools are less effective on this end, on top of leaving new marks after scratching the tiles.

Thankfully, moisture buildup had never been an issue in the client's kitchen. The family's discipline to keep a hygienic space and multiple sources of fresh air kept the room in optimal condition. Still, our techs reminded the client to keep an eye on areas that usually stay untouched by sunlight. Mold thrives on dark corners, and the amount of food products sitting around a kitchen can bring a host of problems when left unchecked.

Sir Grout Charleston puts the best resources at your disposal to transform the most active parts of your home. Our areas of expertise include different forms of damage and we know how to adapt our methods depending on what you need. If you're looking for a long-lasting solution to preserve your kitchen surfaces, we invite you to look into our website's content. And if you want to request an evaluation, you can schedule a free quote online or call (843) 920-6242. Lastly, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can know more about our latest promotions and updates. When you trust Sir Grout Charleston, you can always expect the most amazing results!
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