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Our Hard Surface Restoration Services Tranformed a Shower in Charleston

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November 28, 2023

A Charleston homeowner had desperately tried different ways to improve the looks of her standing shower. The cleaning products she'd been using for over a year had suddenly failed her against the efflorescence that spread all over the tiles. Large stains covered parts of the wall and almost half of the floor. This was hard enough to deal with, but the homeowner had even more trouble trying to make progress on the soiled shower seams.

Shower Floor Before and After Our Hard Surface Restoration Services in Charleston
The whole situation was upsetting the homeowner, and her family had always cared about preserving the shower's unique color. They loved how the tiles created a striking contrast against the whites and grays around the rest of the bathroom. Now, however, the tiles' darker tones only served to highlight all the stains. The homeowner complained about all these things with some of her coworkers until someone brought up Sir Grout Charleston. Her colleague recommended our hard surface restoration services in Charleston in full confidence when she asked about our credentials and the homeowner's interest was piqued.

The first thing she did after coming home was look for our website online. She looked into our picture gallery and read about our services before making a decision. Then, she talked things over with her family and they all agreed that contacting our crew was their best bet to restore the shower's beauty.

Shower Before and After Our Hard Surface Restoration Services in Charleston
At the homeowner's request, our techs went to her house a few days later for an in-home evaluation. They observed all the shower surfaces and looked into the damaged grout around the seams. The sealant had faded from the grout lines long ago, leaving sticky layers of soap scum in its place. The grout around the drain was the most affected and, according to the client, the stains grew alarmingly each time she used the shower. Our crew explained the cause of the problem after completing their inspection. While shower surfaces are always vulnerable to stains and moisture buildup, constant exposure to chemical cleaners will only get the dirt deeper into the grout pores.

Discoloration is another common issue, especially with all the efflorescence marring the tiles. The solution was in Sir Grout's special restoration method, which is why our techs tested their products on the soiled surface to prove that they could remove all the stains. Then, they summarized the steps of the process for the homeowner, and this convinced her to trust us with her shower.

So, our specialists returned to the house on the day the client chose for the restoration. The first step was getting rid of the soap scum stains covering the tiles. For this, our specialists soaked all the walls and the floor with a surface-safe cleaner. They spent a while scrubbing off the loose stains, gradually removing all the stickiness until the same shade of reddish brown was uniform for all the tiles. This is possible because our product combines the most effective ingredients to remove embedded dirt without subjecting hard surfaces to excessive scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Once the first portion of the restoration was complete, our techs steam cleaned the shower for good measure.

Following this, our techs sealed the grout on the walls with our exclusive ColorSeal. Nothing goes through our sealant, so the grout pores remain free of stains for a long time. On top of repelling liquids, mold, and mildew, Sir Grout's ColorSeal is also available in a variety of colors to ensure a good-looking result. In this case, the homeowner wanted white grout lines to clearly trace all the tiles and our techs didn't disappoint. Our sealant made the grout look spotless, even from afar.

To fix the damage on the rest of the grout lines on the floor, our techs replaced the loose caulk with a powerful epoxy grout. They repeated the process while repairing the shower edges to ensure maximum durability against water, mold, and the deterioration that affects high-traffic surfaces. This marked the last step of the process, and the transformation was a sight to behold.

The homeowner and her family were fully satisfied with the result. They admired the tiles' vibrant color and praised our grout restoration skills. They all agreed that our services went beyond their expectations and promised to give a recommendation to all their friends and acquaintances.

While putting away their equipment, our specialists went over some useful cleaning tips with the homeowner. They started by recommending pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to remove the stains left by soap scum more quickly and effectively. Our product is the best way to reduce stress for homeowners while cleaning common bathroom stains caused by shower products, mold, and mildew. Unlike many popular cleaners, it manages to remove embedded dirt without opening the grout pores. There's no gradual damage to hard surfaces when you make our cleaner part of your weekly cleaning routine because it's free of chemical ingredients and toxic fumes. Our techs also recommended combining pH-neutral formulas with non-abrasive products like towels and terry cloths. Not only is this the best approach to avoid scratch marks on the tiles, but it also provides more precision to work through the dirt that forms around the corners, the skin, and harder-to-reach surfaces. Our last recommendation was to avoid waiting too long before wiping out water and product residue, even when there's no embedded dirt. A dry surface fares better against deterioration and it's less likely to be affected by the sudden spread of mold and mildew.

If you're looking for reliable surface restoration methods, don't lose hope. Sir Grout Charleston is unlike any other solution. Decades of hands-on experience and the most advanced equipment in the industry allow us to guarantee the best results for every client we work with. We have what it takes to revamp your business or living spaces. Just call (843) 920-6242 to learn more or schedule a free quote online to ask for an in-home evaluation. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you don't want to miss out on our latest promotions and updates.
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